Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

The logo of the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide was designed to represent the pugmarks of five endangered animal species – the Cassowary, Saltwater Crocodile, Asian Elephant, Ethiopian Wolf and Bornean Orangutan – surrounding a human footprint.

Steve and Terri Irwin believed that conservation efforts would see a vastly more prominent impact on wildlife if everyone plays a role. Thus, the couple founded Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, a non-profit wildlife conservation organisation that encourages public involvement. Essentially, Wildlife Warriors spearheads and joins conservation projects to protect injured, threatened, or endangered wildlife, and encourage people to be involved by generously funding or volunteering in these conservation efforts. These wildlife protection and conservation projects span across Australia, Asia and Africa.

The Irwins made Australia Zoo the primary sponsor of Wildlife Warriors, and used the zoo to promote awareness of the organisation’s conservation work among zoo patrons to encourage their participation. As the two managements work closely together toward wildlife conservation, the Irwins remain active in Wildlife Warriors even after handling over the management responsibility to their team.

With wildlife protection and conservation being their ultimate objective, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide aims to:

  1. Intervene and act directly to protect threatened or endangered species
  2. Conduct biological research to conceive breeding and rescue programmes for endangered species
  3. Promote conservation efforts among the public via educating and raising awareness of wildlife issues
  4. Partner other conservation organisations in undertaking wildlife protection projects