Black Rhinoceros

Since the early 1970s, poaching of rhinos due to the strong demand for their horns, has led to a severely shrinking rhino population in Africa. Home to many African wildlife animals, Ol Pejeta Conservancy (OPC) in Kenya is one of the remaining few that house these highly endangered black rhinos. Thus Wildlife Warriors has partnered OPC to protect their remaining black rhinos, in the fight against the possibility of black rhino extinction.

Wildlife Warriors funds various security measures and programmes, such as light surveillance planes, armed anti-poaching patrols, and electric security fences, to protect the rhinos from illegal poachers. Apart from providing stricter security and surveillance, Wildlife Warriors engages in active research to better understand the rhino species, and thereafter formulate the best methods for the rhino populations to steadily recover.

With support from Wildlife Warriors, conservation efforts in OPC are more likely to see success, and surplus rhinos from OPC could then be sent to other nature reserves for rhino recovery across Africa.