Croc One


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Croc One is a vessel built specifically for marine wildlife expeditions “to research, document, discover and rescue” wildlife, especially in the more remote areas. Designed personally by Steve, Croc One is essentially a mode of transport for marine wildlife conservation efforts to materialise. Steve hoped that through research and exploration of wildlife species and habitats, a clearer understanding of the ecological species would enable more informed conservation programmes to be implemented.

While Steve has passed away, his vessel Croc One continues to be used in the work of conservation.


For instance, Croc One is used to conduct research on the breeding patterns of the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks. The Wildlife Warriors hope to discover the gestation sites of these sharks to ensure the protection of these areas. Currently, the Wildlife Warriors have discovered about 50% of sites where pregnant female sharks congregate, and aims to uncover the remaining 50% to protect the future of the Grey Nurse Sharks.


Croc One has proven extremely useful for Steve and his International Crocodile Rescue (ICR) team on their crocodile expeditions. The large vessel is capable of  transporting large and bulky equipment, such as crocodile traps, cranes, and working platforms, which are necessary for capturing rogue crocodiles.

Croc One was important in the rescue of a large turtle, named Trident, in 2007. Without the vessel, the team on board would not have been able to transport the injured and heavy turtle back to shore, to receive expert veterinary treatment.