Returning to Rio, Champion for WE CANada

In 2012, after 20 years after her first speech at Rio which brought her to fame, Severn Cullis- Suzuki returned to speak at Rio+20.

World leaders and many from NGOs and other groups, attended the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, in short, Rio+20. They came together to shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet.


Severn Cullis-Suzuki, second from left with other WE CANada Champions. Image source:

At Rio+20, Severn Cullis -Suzuki spoke as part of Champion for WE CANada at Rio+20. Her speech addressed concerns of many who have asked if there is any progress made from 20 years ago. She answered that the Rio 1992 vision was not only not achieved, the Earth is worst off as compared to in 1992. Cullis-Suzuki claimed that although delegates have the power to make a change, they are ignoring important environment issues. This is due to the fact that nature generates profits. Instead of waiting for world leaders to help us, she calls for us, as citizens to look into our own community and grassroots and carry out more sustainable practices. 20 years ago, she spoke for a better world for herself. But in 2012, she spoke for her sons, and for the future generations. Staying optimistic for future, she believes there will soon be a changing point.