History of environmental Degradation

forest-fires-in-andalucia-destroy-12000-hectares-in-summer-2012Throughout the history of mankind, the environment has always be subjected to exploitation; however these degradation only happens in small scales that happens in locality.

As a result of nature resilience, the environment has always been taken for granted with the assumption that nature is limitless. Activities damaging to the environment maybe relatively harmless when introduced in small scale, however when it is placed to general use and used to permeate whole economies at a global scale, the problem  goes through a radical transformation. It takes on a destructive magnitude, and have grown to impressive disproportions.

The emergence of capitalism, the bourgeois and industrial revolution has resulted in rapid expansion and urbanization and in response to these changes it has also cause massive growth in the force of production. Development has resulted in the direct and indirect pressure onto the earth’s resources; making earth at the disposal of human kind.

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