What are the collecting societies of Singapore?

Collecting societies are typically formed or appointed by copyright holders to manage licensing of rights and collection of royalties on behalf of the copyright holders.


The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) is an organisation created to represent the copyright interests of composers, authors, and publishers of musical works and their related lyrics.

COMPASS administers the public performance and broadcast rights in music and musical associated literary works on behalf of its members. It collects royalties on behalf of its members and enforces infringements of members’ copyright.


The Recording Industry Performance Pte Ltd (RIPS) is a collective licensing body representing a number of record companies.

RIPS is empowered to exercise the rights of these companies by granting requisite licences for the public performance of all music videos and karaoke videos and reproduction of sound recordings in which the copyright is owned or controlled by these companies.

The licence fee depends on the outlet type and the seating capacity as stated in the Public Entertainment licence. Ad-hoc licences will depend on type and duration of event.


MPS stands for Music Publishers (Singapore) Ltd, an association currently comprising twelve music publishing companies (including Universal Music and EMI) in Singapore, who collectively control a large number of music copyrights in Singapore. MPS administers copyright in original musical compositions, such as instrumental composition and lyrics.

Unlike COMPASS, which administers public performance and broadcast rights, MPS administers non-performance rights (mechanical, print and reproduction rights) in musical compositions. For example, the use of music in a television commercial or movie production.


The Copyright Licensing and Administration Society of Singapore Limited (CLASS) is a not-for-profit organisation set up by academic book publishers and authors to protect their copyright interests.

CLASS is the collecting society in Singapore that is responsible for administering the regulations governing copying from books, journals and periodicals belonging to its members, who consist of both international and local book publishers and authors. CLASS provides licences to allow photocopying of these works.


The Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) represents over 400 producers and distributors from major Hollywood studios to independent and foreign producers. MPLC administers the rights for the public performance of films in which the copyright is owned or controlled by member studios.

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