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Get Started in 5 Simple Steps:
1. Submit an Application Online

Apply via NTU Online Application System

Select 166E-MSc (TECHNOPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION) – E and the relevant Status (Part-time OR Full-time).

2. Prepare Supporting Documents

To be submitted via online application portal

  1. Degree scrolls or certificates, and transcripts of academic records from each university attended (official English translation stamped and certified by the university is required for non-English certificates and transcripts) 
  2. Curriculum Vitae (Click here to download template)
  3. A business idea statement (Click here to download template)
  4. IELTS or TOEFL Score Reports (if your degree was not delivered in English). It must be taken within the last two years upon submission of your application.
  5. Professional membership certificate(s), if any.
  6. A bio-data page of passport or NRIC
  7. Documentary evidence of Immigration Pass (e.g. employment pass or dependent’s pass) issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority).
    This applies only to foreign applicants, working or living in Singapore.
  8. Application fee (SGD100), including payment slip. (Click here for modes of payment)
  9. Application for financial grants, if any. Please refer to programme webpage for more information.

To be submitted via email to

10. Two referee’s reports (Note: Referee reports should come from your superior, supervisor or professor who could comment on your academic/work capabilities and suitability for the programme.) Your referees are required to complete and submit their reports to NTC directly. (Click here to download template)

11. [OPTIONAL] You are encouraged to submit a video (duration 1-2 mins) telling us why you want to pursue MSc TIP.


Download all templates
3. Shortlisted for Interview

Only shortlisted candidates will be informed of the interview via email.

4. Final Selection

Offer of admission will be sent to successful candidates via email.

Please note that only successful candidates will be notified by email. All other applicants are advised to check the online application system for their application status. We are unable to confirm or release information via phone.

5. Accept an Offer

Successful candidates are required to complete the acceptance of offer online within the stipulated time or the offer will lapse automatically.

The acceptance must be accompanied by a non-refundable enrolment fee of S$8,000 (excludes prevailing GST of 7%) which is deductible from the total tuition fees payable.

Candidates will be required to provide an original hardcopy of the documents listed below at the time of matriculation. These document will be retained by the university except for the Degree Scroll(s) and Graduation Certificate(s). Do apply for additional copy from the university/institution in preparation of the matriculation. Failure to submit the documents may result in denial of admission from NTU.

  • Degree scroll(s)
  • Graduation Certificate(s); stamped and certified by the University registrar’s office (applies to candidates who graduated from a Chinese University)
  • Transcript(s) of Academic Records; stamped and certified by the university registrar’s office
  • Official English translation (non-English certificates and transcripts) stamped and certified by the university registrar’s office OR a notarised copy

TOEFL or IELTS score report (for graduates of universities with non-English medium of instruction)

Important Note

Only completed applications will be processed for assessment. An application is deemed complete only if the following are met: 

  1. Completion of online application form. 
  2. Submission of all supporting documents.
  3. Payment of application fee (SGD100). 
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