Get Set For A One-week Immersion In Global Business

One Week Immersion In Global Business

Once you enrol in the Nanyang Fellows MBA programme, you’ll need to start packing your bags and getting yourself into adventure mode. While the course will begin at our Singapore campus, midway through the programme, you will get the opportunity to travel abroad for a week-long eye-opening experience known as the Overseas Business Study Mission. 

Here’s why the Overseas Business Study Mission (BSM) is a valuable component of the Fellows journey.

  • Introduction to New Dynamics

Even though NBS faculty come from all over the world and every key industry, there’s a big difference between what you learn in the classroom and what you learn when you are thrown out of your regular comfort zone. The objective of being a part of the Fellows MBA is to gain a broad knowledge of both Asian and global business practices. On your BSM, you will get to apply whatever you’ve learnt to a foreign business scenario. Exposure to a new culture, society, politics and business dynamics will help you pack your dissertation with unique real-world knowledge.

  • An Intensive Case Study

Before you head off to your BSM, you and your faculty advisors will decide on a specific topic or issue to cover in your selected location. It will certainly be a subject that interests you and pertains to your career goals. When you reach your destination, you’ll study the relevant segments of business and industry there, including corporate and government entities. Topics for the case studies sometimes involve investigating and reporting on a potential new business or geographical area. The best way to gain insights is to let your critical thinking, understanding and appreciation of the fresh environment combine with what you’ve learnt from your coursework.

  • Previous Locations

Fellows candidates in the past have travelled to the Silicon Valley, New York, London, San Francisco, Athens, Toronto, Tokyo, Bangalore, Dublin, Brussels, Munich, Cambridge, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Sydney, Berlin and Copenhagen.

  • The Outcome

The BSM encourages independent research with an open mind and the analytical skills that you have acquired over the years at work and at NBS. You’ll need to spend your month wisely and speak to consumers, suppliers, company executives and others to get your data. Prior to completing the BSM programme, you will also be expected to present a written report to the company that you’d be working with there.

If you take a look at the Nanyang Fellows website, it will be clear that the course modules are challenging and go deep into every possible area that future business leaders should excel at. Still, we believe in giving our students an extra edge – hence, the carefully tailored BSM.

Challenge your current understanding of the world. Aim for greater insight into cultures, technology, people and global economics. Look at every aspect holistically. That’s what true leaders do!

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