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Starting the year at high altitude

Author, Greg Edwards

Starting the year at high altitude

Last week we had a social event for The NANYANG MBA students sponsored by the MBA Student Executive Committee, and organized by EXCO VP – Social and Sports, Andrew Humphreys (USA). The timing couldn’t have been better as we were also able to welcome EMBA students visiting Singapore from the Norwegian School of Management, as well as a group of MBA students from SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) of Korea. One of the SKKU students was recently at NTU as an exchange students, and the EMBA from Norway were introduced by a visiting NTU professor who also teaches at their university. Also on hand were students such as myself in the joint Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA, and from the Nanyang-ESSEC (France) Double Masters program.

The event was held at Singapore’s 1-Altitude which features an open air patio 62 stories above the city. The view is the best in Singapore. Although it was rainy all day prior to the event, as people started to arrive the clouds cleared up and the weather couldn’t have been better. This is definitely the best venue when you want to provide guests with a memorable experience. As many of the Nanyang MBA students had not yet visited this patio, it was a great opportunity for them as well!

We are planning additional events (coming up soon) and hope to continue to provide unique and interesting experiences for all of the Nanyang MBA students and , yes for our guests too..