The Story of NTU World of Wisdom

“Content is King” – Bill Gates

Introducing NTU WOW

Nanyang Technological University World of Wisdom [“NTU WOW”] is an autonomous student-run think tank and knowledge outreach institution under the aegis of the NTU Graduate Student Council and the NTU Student Affairs Office.

This document outlines the NTU WOW pro-tem committee’s recommendations for permanent governing and organisational structures. The recommendations are based on members’ experience gained from TEDxNTU events, the inaugural WOW event and from researching the organisational structures of internationally reputed think-tanks and student bodies.

In summary, it is recommended that NTU WOW be formally placed under the  NTU GSC as a main committee and have an Executive Board for daily operations and a Board of Advisors for planning and review.

NTU WOW’s Objectives

The objectives of NTU WOW are to:

  1. Create intellectual and interdisciplinary ‘content’ that promotes ‘Wisdom’ primarily within the NTU student community.
  2. Foster a ‘healthy’ blend of idealism and pragmatism within the community.
  3. Encourage intellectual participation of the NTU community and provide opportunities for all to mould their skills in diverse disciplines including science, technology, philosophy, economics and arts.
  4. Provide a platform that combines logic, ideas and passion with ‘rational’ elegance and enthusiasm, to inspire the NTU community to think beyond the realms of individual disciplines and routine.
  5. Conduct and share research on topics within multiple disciplines including science, technology, philosophy, economics and arts.
  6. Seek partnerships and collaborations with like-minded parties to advance the NTU WOW objectives.

NTU WOW’s Philosophy

The philosophy of NTU WOW is succinctly summarised as:

“Making the NTU community and this world a ‘wiser’ place to live in”.