Age is but a number – ask the enthusiastic guests who were shouting out estimates of costs of household items bought from a nearby supermarket!

Across Generations was organised by a group of students in MSE’s Leadership Excellence Programme, in collaboration with the Youth Chapter of Zone E Residents’ Committee. Held on 24 September 2016, the event kicked off with house visits and spring cleaning of homes of 11 seniors living in the Taman Jurong area. Included in the day’s programme line-up were goody bag giveaways, a sumptuous lunch and a number of games (aside from the hot favourite of “The Price Is Right”) to entertain the special guests.

Seeing the change they had made in the lives of the elderly, volunteers had no qualms giving up a Saturday to bring joy to new found friends. What better way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) than to give back and help our seniors living in the neighbourhood!

Ain’t no better way to kickstart my recess week than with such a meaningful event!
Jacemon Kang, Student Volunteer

About NTU School of Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is one of the six schools under College of Engineering in NTU. Besides receiving an integrated science-driven and application-oriented engineering education at MSE, students are provided opportunities for character building through the Leadership Excellence Programme, which supports both local and overseas community work.


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