Driven by Nanyang Business School’s Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science Club (QFASC), Project MYCamp is a community initiative that aims to get children to take charge of their learning journeys. Since 2013, this annual experiential learning camp has been dedicated to empowering disadvantaged children. Campers are shown the importance of a sense of ownership and responsibility over their own personal development.

The most recent camp marked their fourth year and the team reached out to Huamin Student Care Centre in Yishun. With the help of 20 NTU student volunteers, a 3-day camp was conducted for 90 primary school students during their December holidays. Guided by dedicated volunteers, campers were encouraged to learn through hands-on experiences such as Christmas handicraft exercises and also a group-based challenge with science experiment stations set up across the school compound. The children also took a field trip to a farm where they explored the world of frogs. With live displays and demonstrations, the trip was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational one!

Another key objective of Project MYCamp is to instill community ownership among the children. This year the team collaborated with Wesley’s Seniors Activities Centre, a home for the elderly, to invite the seniors to visit the school during the camp. The children put up a song and dance performance as well as presented their guests with handmade gifts. In return, their efforts were rewarded with heartfelt thanks and a return gift of  muffins homemade by the seniors.

Project MYCamp has been a great opportunity, not just for student volunteers to contribute their time to facilitate the learning of others and to help nurture young lives, but also to hone soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Without a doubt, the volunteers’ energy and enthusiasm certainly left its mark on the children over the brief but eventful three days. It is hoped that the positive experience can ignite further interest in community service to kick-start their active community engagement.

“Most importantly, this was an opportunity for the young and old to interact, and for the young to learn to take responsibility for their community and its future.”  QFASC

As a ground-up initiative, Project MYCamp has worked closely with North West CDC over the years, and much of their success has been owed to their unwavering support. In recognition of their service, QFASC was recently awarded the Bronze Award for the North West Outstanding School Partner Award 2017. Project MYCamp strives to sustain its invaluable relationship with North West CDC and represent their values and objectives: To contribute to common good and to take ownership for our communities.

About Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science Club (QFASC)

QFASC was formed with the aim to serve the current quantitative community in NBS and to further build up the quantitative community. As more SPMS students are being offered actuarial modules, this will encourage the establishment of the quantitative community in NBS.

Currently, the main bulk of the quantitative community in NBS comprise of the actuarial science students.. Despite the fact that we do not have a quantitative finance specialization, actuarial science students are not limited to work in insurance firms. QFACS thus strive to enhance the opportunity to let the actuarial science cohort explore various possible careers in areas such as quantitative finance.

In addition, with the increase in usage of technological software in aiding quantitative and financial computation, QFACS will serve as a platform in hosting courses to equip students with the relevant skills such as programming and investment strategies. Such skill are not only much demanded in the insurance and finance industry, but also important for venturing into quantitative finance.


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