In collaboration with Fei Yue, the Special Projects Committee of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Club organised a MAE Outreach event, Carnival Fortitude, on 20 May 2017. This event was attended by 40 youths (between 13 to 17 years old) from low-income families.

The event aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Engage youth in activities that they will not usually get to experience;
  • Expose youth to the engineering faculty in NTU;
  • Garner their interest in engineering and inspire them to pursue a university education in future;
  • Instill the spirit of fortitude in both, participants and volunteers; and
  • Allow MAE students to have fun and volunteer for a social cause at the same time.

Participants were taught how to apply basic engineering concepts to build gliders, which were then used as competition pieces to see which group’s glider could fly the furthest. They were further engaged in engineering related devices such as drones, robo-arm and robo-cars in a rotating station game. It was clear that the youth really enjoyed the event and have request more of such activities to be organised in future.

32 MAE students were appointed as Group Leaders, Game Masters and Operations Personnel to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

“They were all different in traits and characters. Some were shy, some were cooperative and yet, some were disruptive. Even though the group dynamics were different, I can see that they all enjoyed themselves at the end of the day and that is what mattered the most.” MAE Student Volunteer


About Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club (MAE Club)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club (MAE Club) is an academic constituent club whose members are MAE undergraduates. The Club represent the interests of MAE students, and organise welfare and social activities to enrich their school life.

In July 2016, MAE Club set up a new committee to run the MAE Club Special Projects (SP) portfolio. It aims to provide a more holistic and well-rounded University experience for MAE students, through the organisation of community involvement programmes which incorporates relevant engineering skills and knowledge.



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