New article with Lee on framing & nuclear energy @ JMCQ

Congrats to my PhD student, Edmund Lee, on publishing our co-authored paper in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly!

Lee, E. W. J., & Ho, S. S. (in press). Do photographs speak a thousand words? The effects of photographic-textual and risk-benefit frames on public attitude toward nuclear energy and nanotechnology. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.

This study examines the impact of photographic–textual and risk–benefit frames on
the level of visual attention, risk perception, and public support for nuclear energy
and nanotechnology in Singapore. Using a 2 (photographic–textual vs. textual-only
frames) × 2 (risk vs. benefit frames) × 2 (nuclear energy vs. nanotechnology) between subject
design with eye-tracking data, the results showed that photographic–textual
frames elicited more attention and did have partial amplification effect. However,
this was observable only in the context of nuclear energy, where public support was
lowest when participants were exposed to risk frames accompanied by photographs.
Implications for theory and practice were discussed.



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