Hidden Shrines of Singapore

The Hidden Shrines of Singapore is a digital humanities research project that is at the intersection of technology, new interpretive subjects, and modes of art historical analysis. This collaborative scholarly endeavor brings together interdisciplinary research teams in two schools at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) emphasizing the synergies of the digital world with humanities practices and aesthetic creation.


The Shrines

Found along major and minor roads,these shrines reveal alternative narratives to the larger more established temples in Singapore that are often highlighted in scholarly projects and tourist trails.

Roadsides are transitory spaces and face much change due to development,natural, or manmade disaster. This project allows the much needed documentation of these small but important sacred sites patronized by mostly those in the margins of these societies.

The Project

Enhanced by photographs that capture the GPS location of each roadside shrine, this digital project of mapping roadside shrines in Singapore proviced avenues for the public to participate in preserving their local heritages. In this age of crowdsourcing, any parton, artisit, devotee, or traveller can upload photographs of roside shrines onto this moderated online collection.

The team in Singapore has developed an app for android phones that can be downloaded form this web site to facilite this participatory aspect of the project.

Collaborating with students at the School of Art,Design, and Media and School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, we have developed this website that hosts a map and a database of roadside shrines

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