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TEDx NTU 2018: Greater than the Sum of its Parts


From a teeming mass of hot gas to the Blue Planet of Life, every second, our Earth ages, we let complexity pervade our lives a bit more, either by an act of nature or that of man. With the rapid progress of mankind, the term, ‘complex’ has come to occupy an ever-expanding meaning in the dictionary of every-day life.

If we were to explain ‘complexity’, we would probably talk about various aspects such as inter-dependence, connectivity, synergy and such.

As the ecologist Nigel Franks puts it, “The solitary army ant is behaviorally one of the least sophisticated animals imaginable…If 100 army ants are placed on a flat surface, they will walk around and around in never decreasing circles until they die of exhaustion.” Yet put half a million of them together and the group as a whole emulates a hard-to-predict “superorganism” with sophisticated, and sometimes frightening, “collective intelligence.” More is indeed different! To put it another way, we can say that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This thrilling concept leads us to a pertinent question, amongst others:

How much do we know about the interdependence around us, as oneself or as a community?

With TEDx NTU 2018, we hope to inspire our community by giving them a peek at the world through the eyes of our synergists, embracers of complexity, innovators, scientists, philosophers, designers, economists, social workers, and artists. We bring together speakers from various spheres to share their take on the beautifully complex world we reside in.



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    • The registrations are expected to open in a few days. We will be updating the relevant details soon. Stay tuned.

  1. Hi, the event is sold out on eventbrite. My friends and I are on our final year and are really hoping to attend tedxntu for the last time before graduating. Would we still be able to attend if we go down? Are there seats based on first come basis on the day itself as well?

    • Hi there. Yes, there are some walk-in tickets which will available on Sunday on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please be present by 9.30am to avail them. Thank you.

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