Alicia Ho

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

A+Z at NTU ADM Portfolio

A+Z is a short film about two best friends, Ash and Zoe, journeying back to their old school – and the past – to dig up a time capsule before it’s destroyed, only to find that they may be burying their friendship instead.

TWO'S A CROWD at NTU ADM Portfolio

Two’s A Crowd aims to address issues of social insecurity and self-expression. Singapore prides itself in being westernized city, yet our society still holds itself to traditional Asian concepts of group-oriented values and “face”. We are careful when expressing ourselves in daily situations – going against the majority means we risk ‘losing face’ and ‘losing popularity’.

Tracy is pretty, sweet and helpful towards all her friends; however, all this is just a façade, fabricated to gain social acceptance and popularity from her peers. One day, Tracy’s inner conscience appears as a manifestation of a lady in a crow mask, and starts getting in the way when Tracy finds herself in situations of moral conflict.

Through a simple, light-hearted approach of Tracy’s interactions with the Crow Woman and her experience in University, the film addresses fundamental questions: how far do we go or change ourselves to stay popular and accepted, and where do we place the line between social acceptance and self-acceptance?

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