Hong Yu Ran

Class of 2015

Final Year Project(s)

Waiting for the Eggs to Dance; And Other Tales from My Grandmother’s Kitchen at NTU ADM Portfolio

A journey of a woman through the eyes and taste buds of her family. Living in a time ravage by war, poverty and cultural oppression during the Japanese occupation in Singapore, eighteen-year-old Soon Ee became a military nurse, wife and mother overnight. From the sanctuary of her kitchen, recipes recount the fight for survival through the occupation, each dish struggling for a cultural identity during the post colonial period, cooking to find her independence in the modern world and feeding four generations along the way. A feast of tales begins with a single recipe.

Waiting for the Eggs to dance is a 160 page recipe cookbook woven into a novel based on my grandmother’s life. The project includes content creation; writing, documenting, art direction; book cover design, photography and editorial layout.

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