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Toh Zhi Yan

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Shophouse (organizer) at NTU ADM Portfolio

To encourage a greater appreciation of heritage buildings that are important to Singapore. Paying homage to the architecture and memory of shophouses, adapting it in a new context and use.

While shophouses were originated to “prevent the sporadic and confused proliferation of buildings”, the organizer is designed to keep your clutter at bay, providing free space for work. Multi-functional shophouses are used for business and residential purpose, segregating spaces to display merchandise while providing privacy for the inhabitants. The desk is also a public but personal space; while storing and organizing, there is also a need and time to display your items for use or hide them from the prying eyes.

Reflecting the ever-changing architecture styles throughout history, the organizers are customizable with various facade designs and floor tile patterned bases. To accommodate various storage requirements, they come in different tiers with removable interior partition. Similar to these heritage buildings, Shophouse organizers reflect Singapore’s creative adaptations to changes.