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Joy Tay Yi Le

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Beholding the Tao at NTU ADM Portfolio

The Tao (道) is the Way in which the universe goes on, the Way in which things everlastingly emerge, into space and time. All of Beauty, Nature and the known universe conforms to it; it is the Truth, Law and doctrine of the Absolute. It is also the Way which every man should walk in imitation of that super-cosmic progression, conforming all activities to that great exemplar. This project is a contemplation on how the wise man does not strive against the Tao- that the proud man in his pomp will ultimately lose. He should therefore tread with a sober view of himself, to yield to the Tao, and seek to live in the Tao- for a fruitful and joyful life.