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Chu Weng Yip Isaac

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

ToFree at NTU ADM Portfolio

ToFree is an online platform that aims to gather Singapore’s art community to provide for mentorship opportunities, collaboration between artists and a place to hold Peka Chuka exhibitions.


There are multiple local support groups like the MCCY, NAC and museums but their support only extends to artists that have some degree of accomplishment or experience. But what about aspiring artists and those whose art do not fall within the safe guidelines of these organisations? I envisioned ToFree to be a place where all forms of art are welcomed and where artists can create art freely while having access to resources like mentorships and venues for Peka Chuka exhibitions. Join the movement, join #tofree art.

page65 at NTU ADM Portfolio

page65 is the study and pilot of how we can bring art communities in Singapore together in the hopes to establish a truly Singaporean art identity. Art in Singapore has diversity but lacks an ecosystem that allows for a learning journey – self-exploration and mentorship and guidance. By identifying what the needs are of visual artists, we can then pilot and build platforms for like-minded individuals to grow and expand their expertise. In my study, I have identified 3 main features of a platform that would help – 1. A seamless and uniformed portfolio methodology for the already busy artist to update their projects 2. Collaboration with art spaces and co-working spaces for guerilla-styled exhibitions/critique for artists to showcase their work-in-progress and/or final works 3. A news feed of art events and inspirations to follow up on.

The next step continues after FYP as I plan to make this a reality.