How to Travel with Your Grandma

How to Travel with Your Grandma is a 3-min animated short film depicting a girl who goes on a trip with her grandma and finds out her grandma is actually a wild child.

The Cultural Looking Glass

A series of concept arts which takes three well known stories re-imagines them into a different culture: African Book of Jonah, Mayan Journey to the West, and Japanese Trojan War.

Excuse You!

A comedic 2D animation short about two selfish people pushing and pulling at a glass door on opposite sides. As neither are willing to let the other through the door, their struggles escalate to hilarious effect.

Dating Jitters

Dating Jitters is a live action romantic comedy with integrated CG characters. The story begins with a couple of long-time friends attempting to have a dinner date. They both have “nervous monsters”; physical representations of their nervousness, which change sizes proportionately with their owner’s level of nervousness, thus causing more chaos as they grow in size. With the added struggle of both protagonists trying to hide their monsters from each other, as well as attempts at trying to get closer physically and emotionally, tension between the two continue to grow throughout the evening. Will this be a happy ending?

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