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4:44 is an action horror animated short film about a boy who accidentally desecrates an offering during the 7th month ghost festival. This sends him on a collision course with the monstrous ghost of someone he used to bully, forcing him to confront his past misdeeds and repent.


HAKKA is a 2D-animated documentary about the Hakka people, the film comprises the idea of history, contribution, and cultural identity. This short film seeks to educate and celebrate a rarely-mentioned cultural entity that is the Hakka dialect group.

Bit of Quantum

In the view of humankind’s unending pursuit of the true meaning of existence, where does the question of ‘where we come from’ fit in? A word play on the unit profile in Quantum and how this installation presents a teensy bit of the vast amount of information documented about Quantum Theory. Bit of Quantum is an audio-visual installation, that serves as a glimpse into the improbable subatomic workings in the core of our sun.


How to Travel with Your Grandma

How to Travel with Your Grandma is a 3-min animated short film depicting a girl who goes on a trip with her grandma and finds out her grandma is actually a wild child.