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Odd One Out

Odd One Out is an interactive diorama which explores the stereotype culture experienced by former Madrasah students in Singapore. Using the values they have learnt from the Madrasah, they managed to break the boundaries and go beyond expectations. The installation encourages audience to spot the odd person out and learn how the students strive for excellence and give back to the community to break from the stereotype.


HERSTORY is a look back at Singapore’s modern history through the lens of the women’s movement. How did policies affect women? Where did women stand, and what did they do to make Singapore the country it is today? This work aims to recognize and document the contributions and milestones of women in an exciting way that will appeal to the today’s youth. Using video, graphic design and augmented reality, HERSTORY will reveal the many significant watershed moments of the women’s movement in relation to our national history that we are familiar with.

Project Me Reboot – Design for Healthy and Active Aging

Mild cognitive Impairment (MCI) in the aged may deteriorate into Alzheimer’s but this process could be slowed down or prevented by regular mental and physical exercise paired with a healthy diet. With Singapore’s elderly population tripling by 2030, Mee Reboot is designed to tackle this increasingly prevailing problem. Inspired by her volunteering days at St. Luke’s Eldercare and playing games with the elderly, the designer has designed an electric exercising totem along with a set of supporting infrastructures and phone application to motivate the elderly to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle that will slow the onset of MCI.