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The haunting pressure from social media is growing stronger. But this may not be a threat. Through the use of paper cut stop motion, the story between an individual and the pressure from the internet community will be portrayed.

In An Instant

Stop motion is poetry in action (in this case, quite literally). In An Instant is an exploration of the pitfalls of the digital age, in particular our addiction to instantaneity and immediacy. Our relationships and connections take place through a screen as we continuously scroll to refresh our feeds. The film illustrates how an online reality affects our real world presence, and could possibly even overtake it. Presented through the form of pixels, symbols and icons, we get a glimpse into how fundamental digital screens are to our lives in this day and age.


This short film is a mixture between live action as well as stop-motion animation. It is about a monster living in a person’s stomach and how his greediness take a toll on him in the end.

Mad Muddie

This short stop-motion project is about a sleeping monster who was disturbed by a blue ball, ends up getting angry and swallows the ball.