Open Positions

Sept 2018

The BLIP Lab and the LEAP Lab at NTU are hiring! Together we have positions for 2 PhD Students, 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellows, 2 Research Associates and 4 Project Officers (Research Assistants). Each of the roles has a different specialization, so join us while we grow our team!

Join our ambitious 5-year-long research programme:
“How language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and biliteracy in Singapore”.

Come and work with…
BLIP Lab PI: Asst Prof Suzy Styles
LEAP Lab PI: Asst Prof Luca Onnis

With four official languages, the linguistic environment of Singapore is globally unique, with rich, inter-generational bilingualism in diverse languages, with diverse writing systems. This landscape provides unique advantages for Singapore’s progress in an increasingly globalised world. It also presents unique challenges in education, as teaching practices established in monolingual communities (like the US, the UK and Australia) may be poorly suited to the needs of Singapore’s bilingual learners. This research will evaluate how different patterns of exposure influence bilingual and biliterate language development in three research streams. We will record language spoken around infants and toddlers in the home, and evaluate patterns of language used in the homes of Singaporean caregivers from birth to 2 years; We will investigate how different language mixes contribute to the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of toddlers’ aural-language skills; and we will investigate the link between early language skills and learning to read, in a group of children evaluated for their early aural and pre-reading skills pre-kindergarten, and their reading and brain network connectivity after school entry. The jobs advertised here relate to the Infancy research stream and a battery of tests of aural language skills for use with infants, toddlers and pre-readers.

PhD Studentships:

The official job announcements will go live shortly, but please send questions or early bird expressions of interest jointly to Click each link for more info.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows (suitable for applicants with a PhD):

Research Associates (suitable for applicants with a MA):

  • BLIP Lab Singapore Language Expert (Development focus)
  • LEAP Lab Singapore Language Expert (Development focus)

Project Officers/Research Assistants (suitable for applicants with a BA, BSc):

  • 2 x Family Recruitment & Schedule Coordinators
  • 1x Corpus Manager
  • 1x Project Manager