Prof Suzy STYLES (Director)
With training in the Psychology of Infant Language, Asian Studies and Historical Linguistics, Suzy joined NTU from Australia, the long way around – via Sendai (Japan), and the University of Oxford. When not in the lab, Suzy is a keen cloud-watcher, and photographer.Suzy’s classes for NTU Psychology are: ‘Language in Perception and Thought‘ (Tweets as @LiPTh_Open), and ‘An Ape’s Guide to Human Language’ (Tweets as @Dear_Apes).
Suzy’s Languages: English & Japanese
TAN Cui Wen (Undergraduate Researcher)
Investigating links between shapes and sounds
Cui Wen’s Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English
WOON Fei Ting (Graduate Researcher)
Investigating cross modal perception of language in development
Fei Ting’s Languages: English, Mandarin,  Cantonese & basic Korean
Fei Ting


International Collaborators

Caitlin DAWSON (PhD Student, University of Helsinki)
Investigating sounds from different languages
Caitlin’s Languages: English and Finnish
Lauren GAWNE (Research Fellow at SOAS, University of London, and La Trobe University)
Documenting Endangered Langauges, podcasting about Language and Linguistics (Linguthusiasm Podcast).
Lauren’s Languages: English, Nepali and Yolmo/Syuba

 Lab Alumni