Prof Suzy STYLES (Director)
With training in the Psychology of Infant Language, Asian Studies and Historical Linguistics, Suzy joined NTU from Australia, the long way around – via Sendai (Japan), and the University of Oxford. When not in the lab, Suzy is a keen cloud-watcher, and photographer. You can find her on Twitter @suzyjstyles. Suzy’s classes for NTU Psychology are: ‘Language in Perception and Thought‘ (Tweets as @LiPTh_Open), and ‘An Ape’s Guide to Human Language’ (Tweets as @Dear_Apes).
Suzy’s Languages: English & Japanese

BLIP Lab Team

Fei Ting
WOON Fei Ting (Research Associate/Lab Manager)
Investigating cross modal perception of language in development
Fei Ting’s Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and basic Korean
Tuan Anh
LE Tuan Anh (Research Fellow)
Developing computational linguistic models
Tuan Anh’s Languages: English and Vietnamese
Ke Han
KE Han (Research Fellow)
Working on the languages mixes project
Han’s Languages: Mandarin, English, Japanese, Cantonese
Yap Defu
YAP Defu (Research Fellow)
Development of cross modal correspondences
Defu’s Languages: English, Mandarin and Japanese
 C YOGARRAJAH Eshwaaree (Research Associate)
Working on the languages mixes project.
Esh’s Languages: English and Tamil
Wai Tung
LEUNG Wai Tung (Graduate Researcher)
Investigating phonology in Singapore English
Wai Tung’s Languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese
ANG Wen Xin Kathleen (Research Assistant)
Oversees project administration
Kathleen’s Languages: English and Mandarin
MOHD SALLEH Nur Sakinah (Research Assistant)
Working on the languages mixes project
Sakinah’s Languages: English, Malay and Arabic
PAN Lei (Graduate Researcher)
Investigating speech recognition and cross-modal perception of language
Lei’s Languages: Mandarin, English, Korean, Cantonese
FONG Seraphina (Research Assistant)
Investigating language-specific statistical computations in bilinguals
Seraphina’s Languages: English and Mandarin
BINTE AMRAN Shaza (Research Assistant)
Working on the language mixes project
Shaza’s Languages: English, Malay and Arabic
WONG Jin Yi (Research Assistant)
Working on transcription
Jin Yi ‘s Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Arabic
Leticia Goh Hannah (Graduate Researcher)
Hannah’s Languages: English and French

Undergraduate Researchers

(FYP 2018-19)
Investigating different styles of English in Singapore

Vincent TAN Wei Jun
(FYP 2018-2019)
Colours for letters in Mandarin Chinese and English bilinguals

Syafiqah Binte SAMSUDIN
(FYP 2018-9)
Crossmodal  Learning

JJ Jerry KOH
(URECA 2018-19)
Expression of size in the pitch of child-directed speech

 English & Malay

 English & Mandarin

 English & Malay

 English & Mandarin

Christopher GWEE Shi En
(FYP 2018-19)
cross-modal statistical learning and its impacts on language learning

 English & Malay

International Collaborators

Vanja KOVIĆ (Assistant Professor in Psychology, University of Belgrade) Leading a lab investigating cognitive and neuropsychology.
Vanja’s Languages: Serbian and English
Lauren GAWNE (Research Fellow at SOAS, University of London, and La Trobe University)
Documenting Endangered Languages, podcasting about Language and Linguistics (Linguthusiasm Podcast).
Lauren’s Languages: English, Nepali and Yolmo/Syuba
Kongmeng LIEW (PhD Student in the Graduate School of Human & Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)
Investigating multisensory perception and links between music and mood.
Kongmeng’s Languages: English, Mandarin and Japanese
Caitlin DAWSON (PhD Student, University of Helsinki)
Investigating sounds from different languages
Caitlin’s Languages: English and Finnish

Lab Alumni