At BLIP Lab, we understand that our sensory systems can be shaped by our experiences, and the way that information interacts across the senses during development can provide unique insights into the way the mind works. For this reason, we are interested in working with children, to find out more about these dynamic processes over the life course. Our current projects with kids include…

Multisensory skills in pre-readers
How do children link the sounds of language to visual objects, and does this linkage provide important skills for reading?
A collaboration with the GUSTO Project (find out more), research lead by Ms Woon Fei Ting.

Individual differences in multisensory processing
How much do individuals differ in the way they link up information between the senses? Are these differences linked to learning outcomes? Are they linked to different cognitive styles? or personalities?

Sensations for learning
What is the sensory environment like for kids in schools in Singapore? How does this influence the way that kids are able to learn.
A collaboration with researchers at NIE and ADM.

Sensory worlds
When do children start to show language-specific differences in their ‘sensory worlds’ and the way information is connected between the senses?

Check back here to find out more about our existing and upcoming work with kids of different ages.

If your child is 36 months of younger, you can find out more about BLIP Lab’s work with babies. If you have a young child, or an infant, and would like to stay in touch with the BLIP Lab to find out about upcoming events and opportunities, you can signup to the BLIP Baby contact list.