1. The earth is not cooling rapidly due to the greenhouse effect. Energy radiated by the earth is absorbed by the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is essentially the process by which atmosphere gases trap and return infrared radiation radiated from the Earth’s surface.

2. This cartoon does not justify. Global warming is about extreme temperature fluctuations. It is not about hot places getting hotter, but also cold places getting colder. There is also a difference between local weather and global climate. Low temperatures in one region may not equate to colder global climate.

3. All the radars were not successful, because transmitters are operating at frequencies that are too low. The microwaves then have too little energy to rotate the water molecules.

4. In the short run, we think that air quality will play a huge role because of the immediate repercussions that polluted air will have on human health. For the long run, ozone depletion is of a large concern because it can lead to skin cancer. Global warming will also play a huge role as the earth’s temperature will continue to rise as well as the sea level, which may destroy settlements such as in Venice and Louisiana.  More heat waves resulting from global warming will cause serious health risks such as heat stroke.