Estimation of the crustal thickness

Date and time: SGT 10:00~12:00, Wed. 2019.11.27

Location: SPMS-TR+11 (SPMS-04-08)

Presented by  Dongdong Wang

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Imaging discontinuities using Migration

Date and time: SGT 10:00~12:00, Wed. 2019.11.06

Location: SPMS-TR+4 (SPMS-04-05)

Presented by  Yongsheng Liu

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Global surface wave phase & group velocity dataset

Date and time: SGT 10:00~12:00, Wed. 2019.10.16

Location: SPMS-TR+4 (SPMS-04-05)

Presented by  Jiayuan Yao

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Constrain crustal structure using post-critical reflection

Date and time: SGT 10:00~12:00, Wed. 2019.10.09

Location: SPMS-TR+4 (SPMS-04-05)

Presented by  Tianjue Li

Park Jr., E. H.,  Hawman, R. B., Fischer, K. M., et. 2016. Estimating crustal thickness using SsPmp in regions covered by low-velocity sediments: Imaging the Moho beneath the Southeastern Suture of the Appalachian Margin Experiment (SESAME) array, SE Atlantic Coastal Plain. Geophysical Research Letter, 43: 9627-9635.