About me

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! 🙂

I am Keng Fang, a Year 3 Psychology student from NTU! This blog is created as a coursework for a core module <Conservation Psychology> that I am taking under Professor Gumert.

In my blog, I will be sharing with you about a conservation enthusiast, Wangari Maathai. I first know of Wangari Maathai when we were tasked to watch the show, The 11th Hour. There were many environmentalists, experts and scientists in the video that spoke about our Earth and conservation effort required for sustainable development and conservation, but Wangari Maathai left a very deep impression. She was the first African environmentalist I have seen.

Imgsrc: http://karibu.mambozuri.com/2016/05/kenyanheroes-wangari-maathai/

I really admire how Wangari Maathai was able to pursue her dreams to become a woman that is not subjected to the situation and condition in her home country, among the different problems that Africa is facing in term of rescuing humanity and  she understood how our Earth required us to play a part for it to continue to thrive and for the future generations to witness the beauty of it.

Hope you find this blog informational and may it inspire you to be a change agent to your environment too! 🙂

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