About the author

Hi all,

My name is Tessa and I am currently in my final year in NTU.

I chose this topic as it is highly relatable. We may not all be interested in fashion or trends, however clothes are something that we all can’t do without. Despite personally putting the clothes on our bodies every morning, how many of us actually know where exactly these clothes came from? and the environmentally destructive journey each garment has been on? The non-transparency of the fashion industry is a pervasive matter which we are blindly agreeable to. In not knowing where or how the clothes on our backs are made, we are simply condoning to the environmental and social injustice of the fashion industry.

I personally am one who cannot resist a good sale and often felt compelled to buy an item if it was really cheap. Writing this blog allowed me to reflect on my ways and I hope it helps you guys too! I am not saying that we should stop buying clothes completely as that would be absurd. The point is to realise that we should exercise frugality, asking ourselves if we absolutely need something before actually buying it. To all shopaholics (you know who you are), the next time you covet an item of clothing, stop to ask yourself, “is this really worth the cost of the environment?”