Housing & Development Board

(Source: http://everythingeast.sg/news_detail.php?id=31)

This is a HDB poster that encourages Singaporeans to think of ideas to grow vegetable at home. Ideas will then be shared on facebook.

Importance and relevance

Such sharing sessions allow HDB to understand the constraints and useful ideas for home vegetation. Based on the feedbacks, HDB can install appropriate infrastructure to facilitate the building of home vegetable gardens. Home vegetable gardens can benefit both the residents and the environment. With a home garden, residents will be able to consume their own home grown vegetable – This leads to healthier diet. Besides, residents can also bond over the gardening activities. This may enhance the residents’ satisfaction with their community. If people consume more vegetable and less meat, fewer animals have to be reared for human’s consumption. This will greatly benefit the environment as well. Click for more benefits of vegetarianism.

Challenge and Suggestion

HDB’s encouragement of home vegetation may upset nearby vegetable sellers because it may directly affect their livelihood. As such, HDB should also set rules and limitations for the size of such home vegetable gardens.