Singapore Environmental Council

(Source: The Straits Times, February 25, 2012)

(Source: The Straits Times, March 17, 2012)

Two green schemes namely the Eco-Office certification and the Green labelling scheme have been initiated by Singapore Environmental Council (SEC). Eco-Office certificates are only given to eco-friendly companies, whereby companies are accessed based on their indoor air quality as well as purchasing and water conservation practices. Ricoh Asia Pacific is one such company that has been awarded by SEC.

The second scheme rolled out by SEC is the Green labelling scheme that grade electronic appliances based on their environmental friendliness like energy efficiency, raw materials used, health impact, and method of manufacturing and disposal. Plans to expand the Green labelling scheme to other countries are also in the pipeline. Furthermore, SEC also set up a paperless system for companies to apply and renew the green label certification – This reduces paper wastage.

Importance and relevance of these green schemes

The Eco-Office certificates and Green labeling scheme can entice more companies to go green. As more Singaporeans are displaying their environmental concern, they could be more inclined to use products or services that are “green”. As such companies may be driven to be awarded by SEC in order to woo their green-minded customers. Companies may or may not go green for genuine environmental reasons, but anyhow the environment still benefits from such governmental award schemes that encourage companies’ green behaviours.

Not only do the companies and environment benefit from the Eco-Office certification scheme, the workers benefit as well. This is because workers will then be able to enjoy a green working environment, which may have long lasting benefits to their mental wellbeing and cognitive functions. These benefits may further enhance the workers’ biophillia tendency.