Urban Redevelopment Authority

(Source: The Straits Times, March 31, 2012)

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) initiated a contest whereby Singaporeans were asked what could be done with the recently returned piece of land that was previously used by Malaysia’s Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) railway. It was reported that many green and bold ideas were tossed up.

(Source: http://theonlinecitizen.com/2010/12/ktm-railway-land-a-walk-on-the-green-side/)

The top prize of the contest went to the idea of “Tiger’s Garden” that proposed the land to be decolonised by native plants and animals, but also with an elevate trail for research and recreation purposes. The second prize went to the idea of “TransFARMation” that proposed the setting up of farms along the stretch so that family farms can become an intrinsic part of Singaporeans’ daily experience.

Indeed, such green ideas highlight that more Singaporeans are yearning for wild and green spaces where they can reconnect with Singapore’s primeval past.