Conservation Efforts: Fishnet Project

Is aquarium fish trade the only reason to the endangerment of freshwater fishes? This video by Zoological Society of London tells us more about the reasons behind the extinction of freshwater fishes and the Fishnet Project that they have initiated to breed endangered freshwater fishes and take steps to solving the issue of the extinction of these precious freshwater fishes.

Do you know where your aquarium fish come from?


Endangered Banggai Cardinalfish by Stavros Markopoulos, from

Chanced upon this great article on National Geographic that talks about the importance of knowing whether the fishes we see in the aquariums or bought for our aquariums are wild-caught or captive-bred. It is indeed crucial for us to be educated in this area so as to make careful considerations to conserve the wild population and not endanger these species.

So what should people do if they’re thinking about starting an aquarium? The most important thing, says Rhyne, is for them to educate themselves. Taking the time to find captive-bred animals, like clownfish, is a good way to start. – National Geographic News, 2014


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