About the lion man

1502298_10152072183431465_1497609907_o      Valentin Gruener is a German conservationist who is the founder and CEO of Modisa Wildlife Project. Since young, he has love and passion for the African wildlife, especially the big cats and hence, he has done many volunteering works and organize many wildlife campaigns over the years, mostly related to the African wildlife. During one of his volunteering trips, he met Mikkel Legarth, a fellow volunteer and conservationist and ultimately founded the Modisa Wildlife Project. Together with his co-partner Mikkel Legarth, they collaborate with organizations locally and internationally to reach out to the Botswana wildlife and encourage many people in contributing to the wildlife as volunteers. Now his project has garnered much awareness with more than 130 thousand likes and 1000 volunteers within 4 years.

Famous for rescuing Sirga, an abandoned lioness, he received a heartwarming hug from the lioness to express her gratitude for saving her life. Quoted below from Valentin and Mikkel are probably one of the many reasons why he was so actively involved in the conservation of the wildlife.

“A pride had three cubs and two were killed before Sirga was abandoned without food. It happened on our land and we could not standby and watch her die.”

We didn’t want Sirga to become like other lions in captivity, constantly fed by streams of tourists. She only interacts with me and Mikkel”

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