Final Thoughts

Orangutan Feeding Platform near Tanjung Puting National Park

People’s attitudes towards the way we treat the environment has to change. The world is filled with more people who are indifferent towards the degradation of our environment than people who actually care and want to play their part in saving our earth and this inevitably leads to decay and of course, just more deforestation as the years go by.

People are selfish by nature and are driven by their own personal motives and goals. Money, success and a comfortable lifestyle are three main goals that most people strive towards. This is no wonder that it is all reflected in our behaviour and actions. Right down from palm oil plantation owners, to government officials to individuals like you and me who sit behind screens in the comfort of our own homes and read about orangutan conservation issues but probably do nothing to help alleviate the situation after we close our browsers. After all, what effect would a single person’s action have in the greater scale of things? Just another tree chopped down, another plot of forest burned up. If I don’t chop the trees down, someone will do so anyway. This deforestation issue reflects the tragedy of the commons so clearly as well, everyone only seeks their own gain and it seem pointless obeying the law when everyone else is going to break it and stand to gain at your expense.


Conservation would require the cooperation of no less than every single person, yes everyone. First, we have to change  that stubborn mindset of ours that there is nothing we can do anyway to solve the problem. Before we know it, it would be too late and our lovely forests would be all gone and we would have bid farewell to all our orangutan friends. By then, it would be too late to do anything even if we want to. There is no better time to take action than right now, and this involves everyone including the government and all farmers out there. Before we do anything, let us think about our environment and what consequences our actions have on them. If we can all truly cooperate and play our part to care for the environment, life will be so much greener (literally) and if having less money (yes all you plantation owners and government officials) would mean living peacefully with our orangutan friends, I’m pretty sure it would be worth it!

What do you think?


Let us start saving the Orangutans today.