Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary

The mission of the sanctuary is to provide a self-sustaining sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness and funding, especially with relation to the rapid decline of large predators in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, immoral hunting, and illegal trade.

Richardson relaxing with a lion. Image source.

 In 2013, with the help of donors and his fans, Richardson established his own wildlife sanctuary in Welgedacht Private Game Reserve. The sanctuary has 13 predator enclosures and a large central enrichment area and is now home to lions, hyenas and leopards. These animals are rotated enclosures every couple of week so that the new environments can help stimulate the predators’ senses and try to mimic a life out in the wild. The animals also get to roam around the large central area and this game reserve also serves as an incredible backdrop for filming purposes which contributes to the funding of the sanctuary and the continuation of Richardson’s conservationist efforts. Below is video where Richardson talks about the reserve and the decline in the lion population.

Using the sanctuary as an educational tool, in the local area of Tswane, schools teach children the importance of conservation efforts taken and the plight of nature and its wild animals. The schools teach the children and villagers the importance of biodiversity and the contributions that they can make for the cause. The sanctuary aims to be able to transform attitudes and misconstrued ideas of predators and illuminate their desperate plight.

The sanctuary also participates with other similar organizations that provide care and support for the predators and those organizations that do academic and scientific research on the crisis. Through his sanctuary, Richardson aims to raise awareness to the plight of the predators both in the wild and in captivity and prevent further habitat loss.

A poster on saving the lions. Image Source.

A poster on saving the lions. Image Source.