About this Blog!

This is a blog project for a Conservation Psychology course in Nanyang Technological University. It is managed by Ng Yiling, an undergraduate majoring in Psychology. The chosen topic was inspired by my first visit to Pulau Ubin earlier in the year with some friends. During the visit, we managed to cycle around the island, visting Chek Jawa wetlands, houses and the many quarries. We also walked along the boardwalk in and overlooking the mangrove forests. It was definitely an impressionable visit as the island’s natural landscape was a unique and precious gem, and nothing like what we can find on the Singapore mainland. Below are some pictures from the visit!

View from the viewing tower

View from the viewing tower



Grass-filled shoreline was a new sight!


Seeing Singapore from the Ubin Shore line

View from the highest natural lookout point on Ubin

View of Ubin from the highest natural lookout point

This blog will tell you some of the reasons behind the decline in mangrove forests in Pulau Ubin and the approaches taken to conserve them.

TST article – http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/pulau-ubin-coast-faces-erosion-risk-20140824