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Richard O’Barry, commonly known as Ric O’Barry, is one of the world’s most famous dolphin activists. His mission is to free all captive dolphins. He is well known for his prominent role in the Academy Award winning documentary film The Cove, in which he and his team expose the world to the brutal dolphin hunts that take place every year in Taiji, Japan.

However, before he became the passionate activist he now is, Ric O’Barry used to work for the other side. He was a dolphin trainer, famous for his work on the Flipper television series, working for the exact same people he now actively campaigns against. His time in the industry has given him great insight into the inner workings of the large companies that oppose him, such as SeaWorld. He understands first hand just how lucrative the captive dolphin industry is, and how willing his opponents are to fight to keep it in place. Numerous threats, arrests, and lawsuits fail to deter his endless efforts, and you will be hard pressed to find someone else who understands and empathizes as much with dolphins, and fights as hard for their freedom as he does. After all, he of all people understands the deceptiveness of the dolphin’s eternal smile.