About This Blog

In the past few decades, Bali has seen a steady increase in the number of tourists it receives each year. Tourism now contributes to approximately 80% of Bali’s GDP. However, these massive economic benefits also come at a great cost.

Water Pollution

Trash Slick

Credit: Huffington Post

Land Pollution


Credit: Changesinlongditude.com

Land Clearing

Paradise Lost

Credit: The Australian – Paradise Lost As Once Beautiful Bali Buckles Under Forklifts and Falacies

Fresh Water Shortage

Credit: Indosurflife.com - Let's Save Water: Crisis In Bali

Credit: Indosurflife.com – Let’s Save Water: Crisis In Bali

This blog will explore the tourism related environmental problems that Bali is currently facing and will also touch on possible solutions and interventions that can be implemented to counter these issues.