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Planning and Design Studios


Studios are opportunity spaces for students to make connections between the theoretical knowledge about cities that they get from books and the practical knowledge they will gather from looking intently at the real city. Studios go beyond discussing problems in our cities to engaging students in the designing of urban interventions that can improve the connections between people and their surroundings. Students are invited to enter into the thinking process of a practicing planner and a designer who constantly need to engage in negotiating trade-offs between planning-design ideals and the complexities of reality.


It is my hope too that the studio experience can equip our young generation to participate more effectively in the planning and designing of their urban futures, regardless of their basic disciplinary training.


The duration of the studios are usually 6 weeks and they form part of the urban planning courses that I teach at the School of Social Sciences in Nanyang Technological University Singapore. This webpage curates student proposals with the purpose to share their work and ideas with the public.


May you be inspired by the vibrancy of the diverse voices represented in this compilation!


Felicity HH Chan

Assistant Professor

School of Social Sciences

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

STUDENT Projects

As the American urban designer Allan B. Jacobs wrote in Looking at Cities (1985,1),

“You can tell a lot about a city by looking.”


Exploring connections – material and imagined – across space and time


Creating new environmental images and enhancing legibility in the university campus


Visioning new urban futures 

This web gallery is put together with the invaluable help of Strahan Lim and the support of HSS librarian Bella Ratmelia.