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Another dimension of the vibrant research environment in MKT is the Seminar Series. From 2015 to 2019, the Division hosted 62 research scholars from prestigious universities in both the international and regional arena. We look forward to hosting many more scholars in 2020.

In addition to the research talks by our visitors, we have regular brown bag seminars during which some faculty members and PhD students presented their on-going research work. We nurture a vibrant and exciting research culture where faculty members connect with like-minded researchers, and quality research work is inspired and celebrated.

Forthcoming Seminars by Research Scholars in 2020


Seminar Title in 2020 Speaker
Package Offers and Price Rate Calculations: How Price Rates Influence Price and Promotional Sensitivity
(6 February 2020)
Professor Rajesh Bagchi
Virginia Tech
The Utility of Sadness: How Sadness Promotes Subjective Well-being
(20 January 2020)
Dr Jeff Rotman 
Deakin University
Seminar Title in 2019 Speaker
You Don’t Have to Compromise: Trade-off Decisions in a Hierarchical Process
(21 November 2019)
Associate Professor Jill Lei
University of Melbourne
The Role of Memory and Theory of Mind in Children’s Happiness with Past Experiences
(6 November 2019)
Associate Professor Lan Nguyen Chaplin
University of Illinois at Chicago
How to Thwart Discounting of Discounts
(6 September 2019)
Assistant Professor Yang Haiyang
Johns Hopkins University
QR Codes Make Location Matter Even More: The Mere Exposure Effect of QR Codes
(29 August 2019)
Associate Professor Wang Wenbo
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Ambassador Effect: How Inducing an Ambassador Role Increases Consumers’ Prosocial Marketplace Behavior and Patronage Intentions
(22 July 2019)
Associate Professor Martin Mende
Florida State University
Benefiting from and Defending against Copycat Brands
(9 May 2019)
Professor David K Tse
University of Hong Kong
Dynamic Resource Allocation on Multi-Category Two-Sided Platforms
(15 April 2019)
Professor Qiaowei Shen
Peking University
Mindful Matching : Ordinal versus Nominal Attributes
(27 March 2019)
Professor Kelly L. Haws
Vanderbilt University
When Signaling Status Backfires: How Signals of Self-Interest Undermine Cooperation
(21 February 2019)
Professor Alixandra Barasch
New York University
Moral Intuitions Towards Market Exchange
(19 February 2019)
Professor Amit Bhattacharjee
Eramus University
Hurts So Good: Luxury Products which incur Environmental Cost are Preferred by Status Seeking Consumers
(21 January 2019)
Professor Darren Dahl
University of Columbia
Key Values Driving Consumer Preferences in Asian Emerging Markets
(7 January 2019)
Professor Nancy Wong
University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Seminar Title in 2018 Speaker
Customer Learning and Revenue – Maximizing Trial Design
(14 November 2018)
Mr Takeaki Sunada
University of Pennsylvania
When Taking a Stand on Controversial Social Issues Hurts or Helps the Organization : Anticipatory Self-Threat and Dishonest Behaviour
(13 November 2018)
Professor Amna Kirmani
University of Maryland
Can Musicians and Fans Benefit When a Primary Ticket Platform Controls the Resales Market?  Theory and Evidence
(5 November 2018)
Mr Zou Tianxin
Washington University
Secrecy and Consumer Behavior
(31 October 2018)
Prof Yuwei Jiang
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The Informational Role of Sponsored Advertising on Online Retail Marketplaces
(29 October 2018)
Ms Long Fei
Columbia University
Retooling B2B Sales Force for Digital Leadscoring
(25 October 2018)
Mr Shashank (Sash) Vaid
Houston University
In-Consumption Social Listening with Moment-to-Moment Unstructured Data : The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments
(24 October 2018)
Mr Zhang Qiang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Walking a Fine Line : Customer Retention in Mobile App Targeting
(22 October 2018)
Ms Hao Xinying
The University of Texas at Austin
Geographic Sub-Branding via Manufacture Location: How Does “Made in” Change Your Purchase?
(19 October 2018)
Ms Ding Ma
Stanford University
New Contexts, Data and Methods: A Quick Overview. Presenting two studies
(17 October 2018)
Professor Kersi D. Antia
Western University
Dynamics of Musical Success : A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach
(15 October 2018)
Mr Khaled Boughanmi
Columbia University
How Does a Firm Learn in a Changing World?  The Case of Prosper Marketplace
(8 October 2018)
Mr Li Xinlong
University of Toronto
Information Provision and Streamlined Medical Service: Evidence from a Mobile Appointment App
(28 September 2018)
Dr Yang Nan
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Friend Number Paradox
(30 August 2018)
Associate Professor Dai Xianchi
Chinese University of Hong Kong
On Angels and Demons: How to Encourage Good and Discourage Bad Behavior
(5 July 2018)
Associate Professor Bram Van den Bergh
Erasmus University
Labeling Debt as Ordinary Increases Consumer Motivation to Repay Debt
(30 May 2018)
Associate Professor Simon Blanchard
Georgetown University
How Residential Mobility Influence Donation
(9 May 2018)
Assistant Professor Wang Yajin
University of Maryland
Attribute Embedding: Learning Distributed Representations of Product Attributes from Consumer Reviews
(26 April 2018)
Assistant Professor Shane Wang
Western University
Firm Expansion, Size Spillovers and Market Dominance in Retail Chain Dynamics
(4 April 2018)
Professor Ahmed Khwaja
Cambridge Judge Business School
New Product Ideation and Creativity: The Role of End-User Incorporation through Visual Mental Imagery
(21 March 2018)
Associate Professor Ravi Mehta
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Belief Formation Under Signal Correlation
(21 February 2018)
Associate Professor Tanjim Hossain
University of Toronto
Choice and Quantity in Food-Related Self-Control: Theory and Evidence from Lab and Field
(24 January 2018)
Professor Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Influence of Consumers’ Misbehavior on Responses to Service Failure
(10 January 2018)
Associate Professor Zhang Meng
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Seminar Title in 2017 Speaker
Meet Me Halfway: The Value of Bargaining
(9 November 2017)
Ms Xu Zhang
University of Michigan
Media Platforms’ Content Provision Strategy and Source of Profits
(19 October 2017)
Mr Jinzhao Du
Duke University
The Seesaw Self: Possessions, Identity (De)Activation, and Task Performance
(12 October 2017)
Ms Jae (Jaeyeon) Chung
Columbia University
Enhancing Effectiveness of Referral Programs by Promoting Active Matching: Evidence from Field Experiments
(28 September 2017)
Mr Yupeng Chen
University of Pennsylvania
Lacking a Resource or Being One: Money Scarcity versus Time Scarcity Differently Shape Self-Value and Product Judgments
(27 September 2017)
Ms Jane So
University of Washington
In-Store Learning and Trial of New Brands: Implications for Retail Competition
(25 September 2017)
Mr Jialie Chen
Cornell University
Visual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media
(22 September 2017)
Ms Liu Liu
New York University
Understanding the Effect of Information Disclosure on Industry Payments to Physicians
(15 September 2017)
Ms Tong Guo
University of Michigan
Planes, Trains, and Co-Opetition: Evidence from China
(11 September 2017)
Mr Marco Shaojun Qin
University of Minnesota
Exploring the Role of Creative Engagement on Donation Behavior
(8 September 2017)
Ms Lidan Xu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
How Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities
(6 September 2017)
Mr Mansur Khamitov
Western University
Competition and the Impact of Online Reviews on Product Financial Performance: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
(31 August 2017)
Ms Hulya Karaman
Emory University
Unpacking Self-Control: When More Categories Lead to Lower Consumption Budgets
(24 August 2017)
Mr Miaolei (Liam) Jia
National University of Singapore
Double-Edged Effects Of Customer Participation In New Product Development: The Moderating Roles Of Global Integration And Local Adaptation Mechanisms
(23 March 2017)
Asst Prof Caleb H. Tse
Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
The Effect of Anthropomorphism On Consumer Decision Making
(8 February 2017)
Asst Prof Rocky Peng Chen
Hong Kong Baptist University
Seminar Title in 2016 Speaker
Competition Among Retail Formats
(28 October 2016)
Ms Chaoqun Chen
Northwestern University
A Semantic Approach For Estimating Consumer Content Preferences from Online Search Queries
(25 October 2016)
Ms Jia Liu
Columbia University
Witnessing Moral Violations Increases Conformity In Consumption
(13 October 2016)
Ms Ping Dong
University of Toronto
Modelling The Role Of Uncertainty In Cause-Based Crowdfunding: A Multiple Discrete Continuous Choice Approach
(6 October 2016)
Mr Prasad Vana
London Business School
Social Versus Economic Factors In Network Formation: An Empirical Analysis Of The Multi-Level Marketing Industry
(20 September 2016)
Ms Eunsoo Kim
University of Michigan
Me-Too Or Exclusive? The Role Of Consumer Heterogeneity On Value-Enhancing Investments And It Impact On Product Differentiation In Conspicuous Goods Markets
(9 September 2016)
Asst Prof S. Sajeesh
City University of New York
When And How Does Market Share Drive Firm Profits?
(29 August 2016)
Mr Abhi Bhattacharya
Indiana University
Modeling Dynamics in Crowdfunding
(24 August 2016)
Mr Chul Kim
University of Maryland
Cross-Domain Effects of Guilt On Desire For Self-Improvement Products
(5 February 2016)
Mr Thomas Allard
University of British Columbia
Exchange Attributes, Governance Mechanisms, And Opportunism In Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Overlooked Role Of Institutional Forces
(2 February 2016)
Prof Julie Juan Li
City University of Hong Kong
Input Vs. Output: Social Comparison Perspective
(28 January 2016)
Asst Prof Elaine Chan
Tilburg University
The Endowment Effect Of Experiences: The Role of Narrative Processing
(26 January 2016)
Ms Li Jiang
University of California, Los Angeles

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