Visiting Waseda U in Japan during the winter holiday

Author: Greg Edwards, 2010 Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA participant.

Visiting Waseda U in Japan during the winter holiday

One of the great things about Nanyang MBA is the diversity of the students and the options available for meeting people and experiencing different cultures. For the current batch we have more than 25 countries represented from 5 continents, and when you count exchange students it certainly seems we have someone from everywhere!

As a participant in the Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA program, I have the opportunity to be taught by the best professors at NTU and also by great professors from Waseda, who come to Singapore to teach us. Having previously lived in Japan, I decided to revisit friends in Tokyo and Osaka over the winter holiday. Also during that time I had an opportunity to meet some Japanese who had previously studied at NTU on exchange and also was able to visit a “zemi”, or seminar, of Professor Sugiura at the Waseda campus in Tokyo. I was able to participate in his class and found that like NTU it’s made up of a broad range of nationalities. After class everyone visited a nearby ramen shop for some tasty noodles and great conversation.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Japan during a short break in semesters as I have been invited to participate in a short business study trip of Waseda’s Japanese and foreign MBA students.

杉浦先生と早稲田のMBA大学生どうもありがとうございました!Thank you professor Sugiura and Waseda MBA students!

Greg Edwards , front row in white tee.