Europeana Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands
Kruseman, Cornelis. Godsvrucht (Piety), 1823. Oil on canvas, 153 cm x 123 cm. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum.

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Launched in 2008, Europeana is a multilingual web portal that aggregates items from galleries, libraries, archives and museums in Europe. Users can search and explore millions of objects that range from books and manuscripts to photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, and sheet music and recordings.

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Images (also known as “previews”) shown on Europeana can only be used according to the rights information displayed alongside them (i.e. the icons below the previews). If there are no rights information provided, users are required to check with the data provider on the use conditions and copyright information before using the images. For those images that can be used, they can be cited by including the creator name, title of image, year of creation (if unknown, indicate n.d.), medium, physical dimensions, state, institution, accessed date and url of the institution:

e.g. Van Gogh, Vincent. Sunflowers, 1889. Oil on canvas, 95 cm x 73 cm. Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum.

For more information on acknowledging images with other citation styles, refer here.

Please check their Terms of Use for full details before using images.