Flower Folks aims to bring the School of Humanities (SoH) students closer to their community through the craft of flower arrangement on 13 and 23 February 2019. The students spent time with the elderly residents of St. Joseph’s Home (STJH) by interacting and working together to complete a flower arrangement session.

Prior to the visit at STJH, the students attended a flower arrangement workshop. To reduce waste, these flowers were gifted to bedridden STJH residents who were unable to attend the event on the day itself. On event day, the students were first given a tour around the home to help them understand the residents better and thereafter, they began the flower arrangement workshop. Throughout the session, many laughs and excited chatter filled the event room, and residents were seen enjoying themselves – from a 95-year-old lady who had worked as a seamstress almost all her life, to a 73-year-old lady who used to do flower arrangement for a living.

At the end of the event, the students shared that this was a humbling experience and they left with a better understanding of old age homes and its residents.

“Flower Folks helped me realise the importance of patience. First, I had to be patient in choosing the types of flowers I wanted for my bouquet and then wrapping it. Following this, when we visited the home, it took me a while to familiarise myself with Caroline, a lovely 85-year-old woman. It was worth the time though, because she told me about her favorite colours and flowers, and this was very fun for me.” Kaamela Barvin, Student Volunteer


About NTU School of Humanities (SoH) Club

NTU SoH Club is the Academic Club of the School of Humanities.

The Club was officially incepted in 2018, and aims to create a vibrant SoH community under a ‘One Humanities’ vision by fostering a common identity among students from the five NTU Humanities subject areas. SoH Club also promotes a spirit of giving through her various school and community events for both the SoH population and general public.

The Club places the academic interests of the five core subject areas and of her constituent sub-clubs as her priority, and serves as the official bridge of communication between the University, the SoH student body and any external organisations.



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