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Librarian/ Senior Librarian

 4 vacancies for professional librarians are available at NTU Libraries.  In NTU Library, most librarians perform a dual role function. Each position requires the person to perform 2 major roles, one in an operational capacity (List A) and the other, as subject librarian (List B).  Applicants should indicate which operational role they are interested in and then list the possible subject roles they can undertake.

A.            Operational roles (List A)

A1.         Library technology & systems librarian

Coordinate developments and technical support of the Library systems to support library operations and services.  Applicants should have a strong background in computer science or information technology areas, a good understanding of library technology trends, knowledge of Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems and project management experience.

 A2.         New media librarian

Develop and support services and programmes that utilize social networking applications and mobile technology to assist users in accessing and using library resources and services in their learning and research work. Applicants should have a strong background in computer science or web technology areas.

 A3.         Facilities Planning librarian

Assist the Head, Facilities Planning Division in the planning, liaison, negotiation, monitoring, implementation and supervision of library facilities related projects so as to provide an effective and user-friendly physical library environment.

 A4.         Administration

Support the University Librarian in coordinating and implementing management and administrative work in the Library. This includes management of the repository of library policies, workflow and other internal documents and improving library staff and work productivity

 B.            Subject roles (List B)

 A subject librarian serves a specific group of staff and students in an academic discipline. His/her role includes building and managing a subject collection, managing the use of e-resources in that subject, teaching students on library research and the use of specialized databases, promoting the use of library resources, providing reference services and developing new information services for their users. Vacancies exist for the following subject librarian roles. Candidates should preferably have a first degree in one of the related fields below. However an interest in developing subject literature expertise in the respective areas is more important.

 B1.          Communication librarian (Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcast & Film)

B2.          Art Librarian

B3.          Science Librarian (Earth Sciences)

B4.          Engineering Librarian (Mechanical engineering)

General Requirements:

Candidates should be highly service-oriented and enjoy helping and supporting people in their intellectual and learning pursuits. They should be able to work independently with minimum supervision but also function effectively in a team. Good communication skills such as writing and presentation are essential to the work of a librarian. In addition, candidates should be well organized, systematic and holistic in managing their work and responsibilities.

 Educational Requirements:

Applicants for the above positions must have an MSc degree in library and information science (or equivalent) from a recognized university. They should also have a BSc or BA degree in any relevant disciplines related to the subject librarian roles in List B.

Applicants without the MSc qualifications in library science may also apply provided they have very good relevant subject degree relevant to any areas listed in List B. They will be appointed as Assistant Librarian and will be sponsored to attend an MSc programme locally while they work.

Interested applicants should complete the prescribed Application Form obtainable from  and email it together with curriculum vitae and a brief note of introduction to Deputy Director (Library HR) at

Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


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