One Platform, Many possibilities

blogs@NTU is a service by NTU Libraries to provide a campus-wide blogging and publishing platform for the Nanyang Technological University community. Blogs can be used for a  multitude of purposes – disseminate and showcase your research, provide engaging learning opportunities, promote programmes or events, interact with a global community, and countless other possibilities. Faculty, students and administrative staff can request for a blog to support their teaching, research, marketing or community-building activities. [Learn More

By leveraging on the popular WordPress platform, it is easy for a user to start a blog. The library provides support to bring users up to speed with the latest blog features and trends in social media.  Obviously for novices to blogging, this service could help them cut down learning time in building their blogs so that they can focus on what they want to achieve through a blog. As the open source blogging platform continues to evolve over time, librarians can advise bloggers on the latest relevant feature that can enhance their blogs. Furthermore, librarians have skills in organising information which can help bloggers to structure their content better or even provide links to connect to content provided by the library.

Why Use blogs@NTU


We provide advice on blog design and workflow, organisation of content and integration with various social media tools.



We carefully curate and offer a collection of attractive themes and plugins for you to create engaging yet secured blog sites.


Our team provides online helpdesk services, conducts blog training and shares updates about blogs@NTU regularly.


Use blog analytics to track your blog visitors and gain insights about your content.
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