Mr Lee Kuan Yew had a vision for education

Tribute by Prof Bertil Andersson, NTU President
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Altmetrics : The Tools

Altmetrics is more than just social media mentions, it encompasses any metrics that doesn’t fall within the traditional citation metrics. It measures impact not in the terms of the quality of a research output but the level of engagement it creates with the community and even the societal.

The State of Creative Commons

Founded in 2001, Creative Commons (CC) is an non-profit organisation that aims to increase the availability of creative works to the public for free and legal sharing use, repurposing and remixing. In a recent report published by CC, there are more than 882...

Social Data for Research

Twitter notices a raise in requests from academic researchers wanting access to their historical data and thus hopes to use the #DataGrants program to connect researchers to their data. But Twitter is not the only one, Tech Giants like Google and Facebook are also working with researchers to gleam trends from their data.

15 Google Searching Tips

Google Search has undoubtedly make our lives much easier. Here is some handy searching tips to improve your internet experience! Currency Conversion Get current exchange rates by typing [currency 1] in [currency 2] into the search bar. Flight Times Get current flights...

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