In Search of Memory

In Search of Memory explores how a visual approach on Life Review Therapy can be used to increase life satisfaction for young adults. Through reconstructing life stories and re-evaluating the fond memories, it serves to provide a therapeutic reflection on thoughts, patterns, and behaviors.


page65 is the study and pilot of how we can bring art communities in Singapore together in the hopes to establish a truly Singaporean art identity. Art in Singapore has diversity but lacks an ecosystem that allows for a learning journey – self-exploration and mentorship and guidance. By identifying what the needs are of visual artists, we can then pilot and build platforms for like-minded individuals to grow and expand their expertise. In my study, I have identified 3 main features of a platform that would help – 1. A seamless and uniformed portfolio methodology for the already busy artist to update their projects 2. Collaboration with art spaces and co-working spaces for guerilla-styled exhibitions/critique for artists to showcase their work-in-progress and/or final works 3. A news feed of art events and inspirations to follow up on.

The next step continues after FYP as I plan to make this a reality.

The Mayfly Project – an investigative initiative on ephemera

As designers, we conceptualise ideas, and design various items, memorabilia and collateral to fit projects that are often specific and time-sensitive. This inevitably creates a pool of ephemera that with their limited shelf life, turn into waste after their projects are over.
Hence, the Mayfly Project aims to highlight this issue and encourage designers to consider the lifespan of their design work – and what they can do to extend it.


Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) have been a great form of green transport in the recent years. Accidents are however on the rise due to the lack of safety features present in these devices. This project aims to create a safer mobility device for the world in 2040, addressing the aspect of safety. smove is a Personal Mobility Device that provides users a safe and smooth riding experience through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and design innovation.

Social spaces on wheels

For this final year project, I want to focus on the human interaction with mobile spaces, and its integration with smart technologies. It is an investigation into the human behaviour on board mobile spaces, and how we can utilise these spaces in different ways. Each of us has a preferred way to travel, and this has resulted in varying types of transportations. However, this is not efficient as it will bring about issues such as physical problems such as congestions and psychological problems such as stress.

Through this FYP, I hope to reinvent the way people think about cars. With the revolutionary autonomous driving technology, as well as deep learning technology, I hope to create a new environment, a new space for people to travel, one that is adaptive to the people’s needs, allowing them to maximise the use of their time while travelling.

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