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Circulate is an experimental illustration project based on Su Shi’s poem Jian Zi Mu Lan Hua · Shuang Long Dui Qi. The poetic imagery incorporated strong contrasting ideas and Zen elements that explores the relationships between thoughts of the ancients and modern people undergoing the same journey. 

As It Flows Away: A Communal Furniture Informed by The Deprivation of the Mauritian Beach

Having lived near to a beach and creating childhood memories of the place, to later witness its deterioration due to erosion is something unbearable, especially when climate change is one of the major reasons. Even if one didn’t have any personal connection to it, the sight of the beach with its golden sand followed by the sea stretching into the horizon is something that awes people. Prompted by the erosion of what was once a pristine beach in Mauritius, this project aims to stimulate sympathy in beachgoers by revealing the natural and increasing human activities that are accelerating this phenomenon across the beaches of the island and most likely all over the world.

To achieve this aim, rigorous on-site observations and surveys were conducted to understand the impact of beach erosion on the society and the economy. Through literature reviews, the understanding of the beach’s impermanence led to the conservation of the beach instead of its preservation.

Informed by observations along the coast of Mauritius and Singapore, a bench has hence been designed as a destructive representation of the Mauritian beach. By placing it next to the beach, the piece allows its users to observe the shore, watching the sand slowly flow away as the waves wash over the beach. From far away, the tapered form of the bench seat signifies a natural erosion, while a closer look reveals footprint-like texture on the lower half-end of the bench, symbolising human invasion.

VagaHome – TCK: Scents of Identity

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are individuals who have spent a significant part of their developmental years outside of their parents’ culture. These are the individuals who have learned to plant their roots in multiple places and cultures and, therefore, are usually struggling with the question, “Where are you from?”, as their answers often cannot resonate to just one anthropological place as commonly expected. Though each may have differing backgrounds and cultural experiences, TCKs find commonality in the state of in-betweenness, being that it is in the midst of transition and mobility where the TCK identity is born. VagaHome aims to establish the TCK identity through a sensory experience depicting the vagabond cycle of packing up and leaving one temporary home for another whilst still searching for a place they feel most at home.

Berry Nice

Berry Nice is a 2D animated short film. It tells the story of Berry, the only one of his kind, struggling to make friends in Pear Town. The Pears are a nasty bunch. This short film shows that in whatever circumstance of life, kindness is never the wrong option.


4:44 is an action horror animated short film about a boy who accidentally desecrates an offering during the 7th month ghost festival. This sends him on a collision course with the monstrous ghost of someone he used to bully, forcing him to confront his past misdeeds and repent.