Forthcoming Projects

Forthcoming Research Projects

A Longitudinal Mixed Method Study on Psychosocial Quality of Life Trajectories of First-Time Stroke Patients and Their Family Caregivers in Singapore

  • Principle Investigator: Dr Andy Hau Yan Ho
  • Potential Funding Body: Proposal under review by the 3rd Rehabilitation Research Grant (RRG3), Rehabilitation Research Grant  Institute of Singapore
  • Abstract of Research: This study aims to (1) identify the psycho-socio-emotional-spiritual needs of a representative sample of first-time stroke patients and their family caregivers; (2) explore the lived experience of a nest sample of first-time stroke patients and their family caregivers through a series of meaning-oriented interviews; and (3) establish a holistic framework for understanding the Singaporean trajectory of stroke rehabilitation and recovery. This study will build a holistic knowledge base of the psycho-socio-emotional-spiritual needs, QOL, and lived experiences of Singapore stroke patients and family caregivers. With the understanding established from the quantitative and qualitative knowledge base, a psycho-ecological framework for trajectories of stroke rehabilitation and recovery can be established and a culture-specific, empirically-informed intervention which ultimately aid stroke recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration can be developed and tested.

ARTISAN: A National Study on Citizen Empowerment to Overcome Loneliness through Arts and Heritage

  • Principle Investigator: Dr Andy Hau Yan Ho
  • Potential Funding Body: Proposal under review by the Ministry of Education, Social Science Research Thematic Grant (SSRTG).
  • Abstract of Research: This study builds upon the foundation of Project ARTISAN: Fostering Aspiration and Resilience through Intergenerational Storytelling and Art-based Narratives (read more here), with the aims of citizen empowerment and loneliness alleviation. It will expand ARTISAN’s application with a much larger community sample and across all leading arts and heritage institutions in Singapore. This innovative, locally developed and empirically-driven multimodal intervention framework integrates stories, arts and heritage for illuminating, bridging and empowering lives, ARTISAN and its comprehensive programming will form a social movement that reach millions in creating a more caring and inclusive society.